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For network related inquiries, mail us at [email protected].

Peering information

pingdash (AS 207341) has an open peering policy.

To peer with pingdash, you must

  • Have a public ASN.
  • Not announce “martian” routes or default route (
  • Only announce own routes not other routes recieved from upstream peers.

To get transit from pingdash, you must

  • Be a non-profit, education or personal network.
  • Follow our above policy for peering.

We request max-prefix sizes of 2000 for IPv4 and 500 for IPv6, applied to any peering partner.

We provision our configuration automatically from PeeringDB, please ensure your entry is kept up-to-date including IP addresses and number of prefixes announced.

pingdash peering information

ASN: 207341
Peering email: [email protected]
NOC email: [email protected]
PeeringDB Entry:

Important notices

To ensure quality of operations, we reserve the following rights under our Peering Policy:

  • To alter our peering policy and peering requirements at any time.
  • To accept or decline a peering request at any time for any or no reason.
  • To suspend or terminate peering connectivity, with or without notice.